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On-Air Series, Deals & Testimonials from Producers and Writers

Your service is a very valuable asset to anyone involved with production and programming. Keep up the good work, Scott.”
Paul Gilbert  | Sr. Vice President of International Formats – CBS Studios International

“I wish I’d had a resource like this when I first started.”
Karyn Forge | Vice President Programming – Fox Television Studios

“Thanks for establishing, Scott. Because of your site, producers discovered my reality series and we are now under contract!”
– Heidi Segal, Writer/Member | New York, NY

Segal has sold her pitch for an original unscripted series, landing a deal with Buck Productions (Toronto/NYC) who scouted her pitch in our marketplace. She’s been a member of our platform for just three months, pitching five different projects.

“I had no connections to Hollywood at all. Anyone on the fence about using Scott’s services can get my contact from him…IT REALLY WORKS!”

– Joseph Pignataro, Writer/Member | Glenville, New York

Joseph has been a member of our service off and on for the past few years, and has now landed his second contract for his most recent pitch. His pitch was listed for four months.

Congratulations to Creator/Member Kat Carney on closing her deal with Buck Productions for her TV series pitched at our platform. We’ll keep on the pulse as Buck (one of the most successful production houses in North America) moves to package it for Network.

NEW Kudos! “Scott Manville, the founder/owner, has made the TV Writers Vault a legitimate, authentic and realistic way for your TV show ideas and scripts to connect with the right people in this industry who can truly take it to the top. I have two different projects with a total of ten reviews by four top TV and Film companies.”
– Jan Marie Montalvo | Lantana, FL

I cannot begin the thank Scott Manville and the TV Writers Vault enough for the services provided. Scott was there, above and beyond what one could expect, guiding me and helping me navigate the ins and outs of the process. Trust me, Scott and are the REAL DEAL. If you are serious about turning an idea into something bigger, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity to put your vision in front of people who can really do something with it.
– Clint Williams | Sacramento, CA

Writer/Member Martin Clement signs development deal with Jupiter Entertainment (“Sons of Guns”, “Modern Marvels”, “How Stuff Works”) for his TV show concept discovered at the TV Writers Vault:

The TV Writers Vault has proven to be a valuable tool for me to be able to get my projects seen by Production Companies and Networks. I just signed my first official development deal a few weeks ago, after being contacted by the Production Company two months prior. It’s hard to believe that the system works at first, but it does. It only takes a little bit of faith and patience. Thanks Scott!”  
– Martin Clement, Writer/Member | Vancouver, BC

Wow, that was QUICK! I signed up for your site, put up my original idea for a reality series pitch, and within a few hours I had a contact request from a Producer! I had no connections to Hollywood at all. Anyone on the fence about using Scott’s services can get my contact from him…IT REALLY WORKS!
– Joseph Pignataro, Writer/Member | Glenville, New York

TV Writers Vault member, Stephen Reichel sets up pitch with Neon Television. Project is now under consideration at Discovery Channel.

SERIES AIRS ON LIFETIME TV (2 Seasons in both U.S. & U.K.)
Catch Season 2 “Kim of Queens” on Lifetime Television, airing Tuesdays at 10pm following “Dance Moms”. Kim of Queens Star, Kim Gravel, was discovered at the TV Writers Vault. Tom Forman (Extreme Makeover Home Edition) will Executive Produce for Relativity Televisio

The TV Writers Vault is pleased to announce the SYFY Channel production and airing of a new reality series from Writer/Member Steve Santini of Ontario, Canada. Santini Created and Stars in “Deals From The Dark Side”, a docu-style reality series exploring Santini’s unusual and bizarre world of macabre historical artifact collection. Series is produced by Buck Productions, in a distribution deal with CableReady. 13 episodes have been produced and aired on A&E AustraliaUKTV, and OLN.

Series has also been sold to other foreign territories including; New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. “Deals From The Darkside” back-to-back episodes Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY. Read our recent interview with TV Writers Vault Member, Steve Santini, Creator and Star of “Deals From The Dark Side” HERE.


The TV Writers Vault is pleased to announce the SYFY Channel production and airing of a new reality series from Writer/Member Steve Santini of Ontario, Canada. Santini Created and Stars in “Deals From The Dark Side”, a docu-style reality series exploring Santini’s unusual and bizarre world of macabre historical artifact collection. Series is produced by Buck Productions, in a distribution deal with CableReady. 13 episodes have been produced and aired on A&E AustraliaUKTV, and OLN.

“Saw Dogs” has been picked up by TV4 Sweden, and Discovery International’s pacific rim territory for broadcast, and made its premiere May 19th on Discovery with back-to-back episodes. Read our recent interview with Mike and Steve, Creators & Star of “Saw Dogs”, and TV Writers Vault Members.

If it wasn’t for the TV Writers Vault, we might still be pitching “Saw Dogs” instead of going for a second season on Discovery Channel.”
Steve Blanchard – Salinas, CA. | Creator & Star of “Saw Dogs” on Discovery Channel – 10 Episodes to Date

The TV Writers Vault proved to be an invaluable tool for myself when reaching out to industry players. Over the course of my membership I received a good and consistent level of interest from all levels of production executives. While many of these initial contacts did not pan out- one certainly did. In retrospect, that is all a person really needs to get rolling!
Steve Santini – Ontario, CAN | Co-Creator & Star of “Deals From The Dark Side”  13 Episodes to Date on SyFy, A&E Australia, TV4 Sweden, UKTV

Member Jon Stewart Lands Deal With Emmy Winning Producers at TV Writers Vault –
Longtime TV Writers Vault member, Jon Stewart of Deerfield, IL., has landed his second Producer deal from pitching his original concepts at the TV Writers Vault. Jon was the first person to ever sell a pitch through our service, and returns for more success as he negotiates a new deal with Emmy Winning Executive Producer, Adam Wikenfeld, at Documentary Makers, Inc.

While details are being finalized, Jon is very enthusiastic about his new opportunity found, telling us; “To have a three-time Emmy winning producer basically tell me that my ideas are relevant, and ask for my help, guidance and assistance on a project is humbling and gratifying all in one.”, adding, “When an outsider realizes that you can’t even get a Producer on the phone to pitch an idea, suddenly, the TV Writers Vault is a value. It is an absolute life saver for your project“. We’re excited to see how the show develops for Jon, and will update everyone as events unfold.

Member Jon Stewart First at TV Writers Vault to Land Deal with Fox TV Studios 
Read our interview with Writer/Member Jon Stewart of Illinois, and his account of how The Television Writers Vault brought his project straight to Fox Television Studios, and was purchased for pilot production by a senior Fox executive. – HERE

John Tayloe Emery signs deal with Buck Productions (“Saw Dogs” Discovery Channel, “Deals From The Darkside” SyFy) for his TV show concept discovered at the TV Writers Vault: “TV Writer’s Vault was exactly what I was looking for to help sell my show ideas and partner with the right people. My first project received a Contact Request from a production company within the first 24 hours or so of its posting. I’m now actively working with them to sell it to the networks.” – John Tayloe Emery | Warsaw, VA

Series Airs On Lifetime TV – Writer/Member Kim Gravel landed a deal with BEI TV / Relativity Media and received a Pilot Order for a docu-style series at Lifetime TV. Update: SERIES HAS BEEN PRODUCED FOR LIFETIME TV. SERIES PREMIERED ON LIFETIME JAN. 1, 10PM ET/PT. Update: Season 2 ordered, delivered, aired in both U.S. and UK.

Writer/Member Shianti McDonald signs Network shopping agreement for her reality series concept with BEI TV/Fremantle Media North America.

Writer/Member David Howe of Frederick, Maryland has sold his Docu-Style series to Buck Productions, Inc. UPDATE: Producers have partnered with Cable Ready ddistribution company (“Inside the Actors Studio”, “Forensic Files”, “The Tony Awards”). Read our interview with Dave HERE

Writer/Member John S. Betts lands option deal with Buck Productions for a Docu-Style Reality Series. The project is in development and being shopped to potential Network outlets.

Writer/Member Dorie Geniesse secured a multi-project development deal with Smoke & Mirrors Creative (Creators & Executive Producers of Mobbed on FOX), and a second deal for another reality-based format with Buck Productions. Geniesse has also been in discussions with Fremantle Media North America (“American Idol”) on other projects scouted at the TV Writers Vault. Read our interview with Dorie.

Writer/Member Stephen Reichel of Brooklyn Center, MN. has sold his reality-based series to Buck Productions, Inc. Contract negotiations are underway. UPDATE: Reichel enters into Option Deal with BEI TV/Fremantle Media North America

Stephen Reichel, one of our most consistently successful and talented Writing Members, is again in discussions with Buck Productions to orchestrate a deal for his reality-based concept. Reichel has also secured other project deals with Page Productions. Companies have multiple projects of Reichel’s out to Networks.

On-Air Talent/Producer Leisa Naples-Mullins, a client of Scott Manville’s Development/Writing Services has secured a Co-Executive Producer Deal with Buck Productions, Inc. for her Family Lifestyle Series. Treatment for the proposed series was written by Scott Manville. Project being shopped to Nets and Distribution outlets.

Writer/Member Ralph Harmon of Mesa, Arizona, has signed a 1 year contract with Film Garden Entertainment to produce his reality series discovered at the TV Writers Vault.

Writer/Member Sylvia Hendron of Long Beach, CA. received an option proposal from Bogner Entertainment for her reality-based format.

Writer/Member Derek Christopher signs development deal on project with Buck Productions..

Kelly Conley has sold her reality-based series concept to Bogner Entertainment, Inc. Company has partnered with The Greif Company (“Gene Simmons: Family Jewels”) and a pilot has been shot. All details of project are confidential as they prepare for Network.

Writer/Member Steve Santini has landed a shopping agreement for his Reality TV Docuseries Pitch with BEI TV.

Interview with Writer/Member Timonthy Centner of Alabama details his reality TV pitch sales via the TV Writers Vault Here

More Reviews of TV Writers Vault…

Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I engaged Scott Manville and the TV Writers Vault to write and market my project. I have been in the television industry in production and on air for over 15 years and I have never had a more successful business relationship. In the brutal world of entertainment, having a fabulous concept is not always enough to move things into production. It takes someone like Scott, who has the ability to bring a concept to life with his enticing writing skills and dynamic pitching ability. Without Scott’s writing expertise, my concept would have just been another project among the thousands that get submitted to production companies and networks on a daily basis. Even though the television world has it’s ups and downs, Scott’s charismatic personality and honest business ethics made this process pleasant, exciting and a truly valuable learning experience. He is so knowledgeable in so many different areas of the television industry, from development to production to legal contracts. After pitching the concept’s treatment that Scott developed and wrote, I received multiple offers from A-List companies (Dick Clark Productions & Fremantle Media). He even helped me navigate through countless meetings and a few contracts before signing a deal with the right production company. Scott could have convinced me to sign with the first company that came forward, but his knowledge of what was possible and right for my deal brought better opportunity. For that, I am so grateful. Scott was there every step of the way through this process and always available to guide me through the bumps in the road.

Scott Manville is one of the few honest men left in the entertainment industry. I would recommend his service in a heartbeat to any aspiring producers or writers. I hope to continue the business relationship in the future with other projects, and I know it will be another very successful year for the TV Writers Vault

Leisa Naples-Mullins
On-Air Talent, Creator/Producer, Entrepreneur

I hired Scott Manville to help develop an idea for a half-hour cable reality series. The process took roughly a month to complete, and within two months I had a Production Company pick up the idea and schedule a pilot shoot! I must say I was very impressed with Scott’s knowledge, understanding, and professionalism. In pitching to several production companies, one even referred to him as a “Legend” in the business of development. Scott took my ideas and research and compacted it into a top caliber concept that you will likely see on the networks soon!

I’ve been in TV both on and off air for 10 years, and I can tell you that Scott works wonders for a reasonable amount of money. What the success of the concept comes down to is how revolutionary you idea is and your tenacity to get it picked up. If you are thinking about hiring Scott, those with faith and determination bring dreams to reality. If Scott helps you develop the concept and you don’t aggressively follow through on marketing your idea to Production Companies, you WILL NOT succeed. For those of you who truly believe your idea is something people need and want to see, I highly recommend Scott Manville’s services. He makes the process comfortable, detailed, and affordable. If you have the right attitude from there, the rest will be history!

Tim Tialdo | Emmy Winning TV Host/Producer

About 1 week after uploading my reality show pitch to TV Writers Vault I saw that my project had been viewed by a number of TV executives, and within 3 weeks of uploading it I had a Producer send me a development deal. This is my first experience with the TV industry. I really had no idea where to start and TV Writers Vault helped me connect to producers and get a deal.”
-Miguel Catellier, Writer/Member | Saskatchewan, Canada

I’m very satisfied with the amount of interest my reality v concept has received within the first 30 days of posting at A television executive has already requested my contact info regarding my show just a few weeks after posting on your site. I’m so glad I found this site when I did. You have allowed me to make an impression on the people whom it matters to the most. is a great way to help any writer get his/her foot in the door. Thanks Scott for creating a way to get everyday people in contact with the right people in the tv/movie industry“. – Donald Jenkins

Congratulations to Writer/Member, Derick Yanehiro, of Long Beach, CA.- 2 different production companies contacted him after reviewing his concept, and he has now secured an agreement with awarding winning producers at Documentary Makers, Inc.
From Derick… “The TV WRITERS VAULT really works! Television producers ACTUALLY look at projects posted by writers and they ACTUALLY contact them! In a very short period of time, two production companies contacted me about the same project I had listed. I’ve now secured a development deal with a Production Company.” Derick Yanehiro | Long Beach, CA

“Just yesterday, I put my new project on your site and paid for the “Premium” listing. I’m happy to announce that after one day, a producer wants to pursue my project and has requested my contact information. This is an amazing feature and well worth the dollars spent! Thanks for helping me get my project connected with the producers!”
Misty Lively | Writer-Member – Charleston, WV.

“I’m very satisfied with the amount of interests my reality tv script has received within the first 30 days of posting at A television executive has already requested my contact info regarding my show just a few weeks after posting on your site. I’m so glad I found this site. You have allowed me to make an impression on the people whom it matters to the most. is a great way to help get any writer get his/her foot in the door that you may never have had if you had not found this site. Thanks Scott, for making a way to get everyday people in contact with the right people in the tv/movie industry.”
Donald Jenkins | Monticello, KY

“I stumbled upon The TV Writers Vault and took a chance uploading one of my TV concepts as a “try it and see”. I then uploaded other pitches and now have two producers asking for contact with me on two different projects.”
R.Dana Browne | Raleigh, NC

“I can’t thank you enough for your assistance. Less than a day on your site and you had me hooked up. Wow! (2 Executive Producers requesting contact)”
Jason Christman | Writer/Member – Portland, OR.

“Just wanted Scott and his staff to know that our project was reviewed by Film Garden Entertainment at the TV Writers Vault, and we have now signed a 1 year contract with them. We cannot thank them enough! If not for the TV Writers Vault, this may not have ever happened. With much appreciation, Ralph Harmon”
Ralph Harmon | Writing Member

“I wanted to share my positive experience that I’ve had with the TV Writers Vault. I felt the service was very easy to use and offered an unprecedented opportunity to gain exposure to those in the industry.”
-Stephanie Whitmoyer | Writing Member

The TV Writers Vault is the quintessential forum to showcase an up-and-coming writers true talents; writing! In a world filled with incessant droning about “poor customer service”, I was refreshed to discover that Scott happens to be the exception to the rule. Point and case, he personally responded to all of my countless e-mails. Each response was accurate with regard to “industry” standards, candid, friendly, and ultimately priceless.

My advice for any would-be writer…you could opt for going it alone, or you could make it easy on yourself by joining The Writers Vault! I’d say the answer is pretty simple!”
Michael Sitler – Port Orchard, WA.

“Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to have our dreams come true. Before I found your website I was about to give up. God showed me Favor through you, because you helped me from the beginning. I just signed a shopping agreement with BEI TV, and that’s all thanks to the TV Writers Vault and Scott Manville. Keep up the good work. No matter where I go from here, I’ll always mention your service with good thoughts.”
Shianti McDonald – Palm Bay, FL.

“Without the TV Writers Vault, I would not have received the exposure I’ve had. You were instrumental to my success and continue to support me through the process.” [Received Proposal from Production Company for her reality-based series]
Sylvia Hendron – Long Beach, CA.

“Scott, thank you so much for creating the TV Writers Vault. Having been an “idea” guy my whole life, I never felt like I had an outlet. But since I found your resource, I have found a whole new passion. I joined 2 weeks ago, and have since submitted 5 concepts. By simply reading the available interviews, success stories, and other resources available on your site, I have learned to hone my skills. My last submission received an “Under Consideration” less than 24 hours after I submitted it. Now, having learned that it takes more than just an “idea”, I have been able to go back and further develop my other 4 concepts to be more marketable. I can absolutely tell the difference between my first submissions (that were all reviewed) and my current skill level. I can only imagine how much more I can learn as I continue working through the TV Writers Vault.”
Steven Sandberg – Tualatin, OR.

“After developing a detailed project synopsis, my next challenge involved finding an avenue to pitch my proposal to Networks and Production Companies. Although I am a published Author, this genre is new to me, and the process of reaching Producers is quite different. I was thrilled to find the TV Writers Vault! The exposure, contacts, resources, and services are incredibly valuable for Writers who want to move their projects forward. Thank you TV Writers Vault for the opportunity to gauge interest in my project.”
Linda Wong – Published Author – Las Vegas, NV.

“The Television Writers Vault has made a tremendous difference in my life as a Writer. So many doors have opened for me in my writing career that I can’t even express how grateful I am. Scott Manville has been wonderful since day one. Every time I’d have a question, he would always get back to me with answers and took the time to explain things to me when I needed help. Since I’ve made contact with a production company (Kingfish Productions), my project is getting further along than I’d have even imagined. I owe it to TV Writers Vault! Thanks for everything Scott.”
Jenny Rowlett – Rockton, IL.

 “TV Writers Vault is an excellent resource for Writers/Creators looking to get their ideas out to a broad market quickly and effectively. In the six months that I’ve had my Treatment up with TV Writers Vault, it has been reviewed by five different production companies, and I just spoke this morning to the CEO of a production company looking to take it to the next step. In addition to the ease of posting your Treatments, Scott Manville is quick to help with connecting interested parties. Thank you for putting together such a great Web site!”
Matthew Meadath – Cicero, Illinois

 “TV Writers Vault gave me the opportunity to see exactly what producers were looking for in a script. It was nice to have my projects reviewed in a protected platform. Scott was instrumental in introducing me to a producer who i’m now collaborating with on several projects. I have recommended to several people. Thanks Scott!”
Shemane Nugent – Crawford, TX.

 “I am so very grateful for the Television Writers Vault and the great avenues in the industry that you have made available to writers such as myself. It is a genuine blessing to know that we truly have a legit company to assist writers in shopping their projects within the industry. It is further exciting to know that a production company is interested in developing and/or buying my new game show.

Thank you again Mr. Manville for your assistance. The Television Writers Vault is worth its weight in gold!”
Erick G. Benson – Upland, CA. | TV/Film Writer

 “The TV Writers Vault has been an amazing avenue for my work. It helped put my projects on the map in a way no other site could.”
Kelvin Hayes – Jacksonville, FL.

 “As a young and aspiring television writer, I found The TV Writers Vault much more than just a window to present my ideas. I found a wealth of pertinent information on the television industry and it’s needs. The people behind The TV Writers Vault are very knowlegable and their insights were instrumental in improving the quality of my projects. Thanks TV Writers Vault!”
Andre Robillard – Quebec, CAN.

“I’m thrilled to have my project now under consideration by a major Network studio! Thanks for helping mediate this process, and I hope that other writers realize how professional and helpful you guys are. All of the people who work to make your service function correctly are both supportive and encouraging. I thank you very much, and may the TV Writers Vault remain always successful.”
Omer Er – New York, NY

“I have received more than 9 reviews of my submissions- which is great! The up-to-the-minute review of submissions provides writers the opportunity to see production companies reviewing their work. The Logline samples from various genres have also been helpful.”
Cheryl L. Bunkley – College Park, GA

I originally posted one television program synopsis in hopes of getting some feedback within the term of my membership. In just a few days, I had a top production company reviewed my idea. I was so inspired that I posted a second project which has also been chosen for review by another company. In a business where “getting in the door” is nearly impossible, TV Writer’s Vault opens that door in a way that is convenient for writers and non-threatening to producers. Thanks!
Todd Wise – Lincoln, CA

 “I can’t tell you what a gift it is to have the Writers Vault at my disposal. Being a Writer, I constantly have ideas streaming through my mind, and the Television Writers Vault is ideal for channeling those ideas. My sincere gratitude goes to the creators of this outstanding service.”
Dennis Robinson – APO, AE

“Fifteen years ago I had optioned an original screenplay, was being paid to adapt one of the 20th centuries greatest novels, and had an agent. I also got married and started a family. My family priorities (making steady income) became my focus and I became a regular ‘working stiff’. My writing took a backseat to my workaday obligations.
Now that my 3 kids are more or less able to fend for themselves and I have some financial security, I have found that my creative energies are returning stronger than ever. Thank goodness for the TV Writers Vault. I posted three projects in the vault and, within a week, had two reviews. As for my kids? They helped brainstorm two of the projects and they are now totally into it. You may just be helping to create the next sibling entertainment powerhouse! Thanks for all you do.”
Robert Heckerl, Seoul, Korea and Seattle, WA

“I left the business years ago because of the lack of outlets for writers to present their ideas to qualified production companies. At first, I was a bit skeptical about this service, but the statement of ethics, and having actual production companies review my projects has encouraged me to work all that much more to present a better quality of project. I am also impressed with the added value of having sections with content to educate me on how to construct better projects that are relevant and timely. AND, the price is right! Thanks to all!”
TJ Pendergast – Minneapolis, MN

“The TV Writers Vaulthas enabled those yet to be established writers, without connections in the Industry, to get their ideas and material looked at from accredited producers and executives. This alone is a breakthrough in the television industry. Thanks for starting this service!”
Dawn Stephens – Phoenix, AZ

“Hollywood is a rather closed community, and if you don’t know anyone, the chances of ever having anything produced are slim to none. Within a day of posting my project in the TV Writers Vault I received a review from a production company, with six companies selecting my project for review to date. You give writers a real shot at getting their projects developed. Keep up the good work!”
Remo Rosati – Ontario, CAN

 “I continue to be very pleased with First, and foremost, you provide a great value of service by helping writers get their treatments to decision makers. Secondly, your “Mandates and Trends” updates are very helpful.”
Carlos Baine – Coral Springs, FL

“TvWritersVault.comgives everyone a chance to showcase their work…. they make it much easier to do than any other website… and they treat you with respect! Because of these three major positives, TVWritersVault.comis the only (industry related) website that I am willing to “pay” for their services.
Joe Bauer – Pacific Grove, CA

 “Two weeks into registering two concepts and a script with the TV Writers Vault I was contacted by a development executive whom I now have as a direct contact to pitch any time. TV Writers Vault has helped by encouraging me to be proactive with these new contacts. I’ll be sure to return to get my work recognized by other production companies using to find new projects. Thanks to Scott for all of his insight and encouragement.”
Kevin Seabrook – Los Angeles, CA

“You’ve created an incredible tool for writers that is appreciated beyond measure. You guys are truly looking out for the creators.”
Donavan Spelling – Manhattan Beach, CA

 “A good introduction to the Industry”
Robert Rossitto – Acton, CA

“The TV Writers Vault is a very positive and reassuring experience when it comes to marketing my television scripts and treatments. Being able to see the production houses review my work makes the site very valuable. The “Mandates and Trends” posting allows a writer to concentrate their work first and foremost. My experience with The TV Writers Vault has only been positive, and I’ve recommended it to others.”
Carlos Baine – Coral Springs, FL

 “This is the first time that I have tried to market a show, and have found that the “Mandates and Trends” area helps me to know that I’m going in the right direction with my show ideas. And having electronic proof of industry review DEFINITELY lets me know whether or not I have an effective logline and show idea.”
Kara Driver – Honolulu, HI

“I had one company request contact with me to discuss my television project, and now I have them as a direct contact. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for new production companies using The TV Writers Vault. Well worth it!”
William O’Dell – Los Angeles, CA

 “Your business has given so many writers a chance to have their material reviewed, and this is more wonderful than you can imagine! I consider myself fortunate to have found your service.”
Dawn Stephens – Phoenix, AZ

 “The TV Writers Vault gives me confidence in the pitching process. I’m able to see which company has reviewed my projects, as well as having the companies reviewing under a confidentiality agreement… that’s something I can’t get when pitching direct to production houses.”
Dana Scavella – NYC, NY

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