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How We Sell Your TV Show Ideas

The TV Writers Vault is the first TV industry website to bring ideas from creative people like you, to production and global broadcast on networks like Lifetime TV, Discovery Channel, A&E, Syfy and many others.

Here’s how your TV show ideas can get sold and produced through the TV Writers Vault:
Many of you have questions about the process of selling ideas and formats to the television industry, so we wanted to outline that process based on the numerous deals new Writers have landed as a result of using our service, and the 15 years our founder Scott Manville has had in television development and production with top companies. Following is a brief step-outline of our (and the Industry’s) process for a writer selling their television project. This is reflective of the typical process in the TV industry and how projects become shows:

You Create Your TV Show Idea:
Production Companies want to see a written synopsis of your concept that details what we’re potentially watching in the series. 1 to 3 pages (plus) for a reality-based format is acceptable. Longform projects (drama series, sitcom, movie) are longer in treatment form (5 pages or more). For more insight on creating concepts to pitch for television, visit

You register and submit your show idea HERE

Producers review your project, as they scout our database regularly.
Proof Of Review by any Producer is recorded in your members area when your project is selected for review, with instant email notification sent to you.

Producers request contact with you if interested in pursuing your project, to discuss the development of your show and any Producing Deal proposed.

You negotiate your producing deal directly with the Production Company.
This locks you in with financial participation in the series when produced (fees paid to you per episode, additional share in licensing revenue), as well as any on-screen Producer and Creator credit. The TV Writers Vault takes zero financial participation in the sale or production of your show.

The Production Company has then secured the exclusive rights to sell your show to a Network for Production.
At this point, if the production company has confidence in the project, and has a viable Network connection to sell the project to, the Production Company may finance and produce a sizzle reel as “proof of concept” to deliver to the Network when pitched. When the written pitch is first sold, and the Network wants to pursue it, the Network may provide financing to produce the sizzle reel or “presentation pilot”. Or, they may just order the series outright, based on the written pitch.

The Network orders an installment of the series for production.
You begin to get paid, along with the Production Company.

Production begins on the series, and you are paid per episode produced, along with any other bonuses and fees included in your deal.

Series Airs, and everyone hopes for a successful run to ensure the Network orders additional installments. The series may also be sold to foreign markets for airing on different networks. Having a series produced for multiple seasons, sold to multiple foreign and domestic markets, brings the most financial reward. And of course, the more successful a series is, the more everyone benefits

The TV Writers Vault has brought numerous concepts from everyday people to production and broadcast globally on each of the following major networks, and others:

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