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In Television, The Title Tells It All

Television is a title driven medium unlike any other. It keys on brand identification for the series, and demands efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the first message of the show to the viewers- the Title. Any great idea for a TV series, especially if you are going to pitch a reality show, game show, or docuseries, must have a great title.

A great title rolls off the tongue easily, provokes the imagination, and simply tells you exactly what you�re going to be watching. In reality programming, “The Amazing Race”, “The Apprentice”, “Survivor”, �Blind Date�, �Temptation Island�, �The Bachelor�, �Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire� are all good examples. Most importantly, a title needs to support the concept of the show. If you have a title in mind before you write the synopsis or outline for the show, take a second run at alternative titles after you have developed your show. You may find that the show, after being outlined and developed, has taken on a new theme or concept and there may be a title better suited.

A title projects an idea and provokes a thought process. So have fun, and invest your thought process in creating titles that make a viewer (and a Network) say, “I want to know what that is“.

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